Facility Tour

Facility Tour

During these times of COVID-19, we are not giving factory tours.

We hope this video of our Scamp tour is the next best thing. In this video, we’ll walk you through the main factory, parts department, welding shop, and the Deluxe shop. Enjoy!

Backus Minnesota Travel Trailer Manufacturer

Our travel trailers are proudly built and manufactured to order by a group of loyal and dedicated Scamp employees here in Backus, Minnesota. As a genuine USA travel trailer manufacturer, not only are Scamps made here, but our suppliers are from the USA as well. When you purchase a Scamp, know that they are quality-manufactured by Americans who are proud to uphold the Scamp tradition of excellence.

Economy: In today’s world of small vehicles and high fuel costs Scamp fiberglass trailers are lightweight and easy to tow. All three size Scamps have been designed to be towed by small cars, SUVs, mini vans, and trucks. The aerodynamic design assures high fuel efficiency and most people can tow the Scamp with a vehicle they already own.

Maneuverability: The Scamp is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Scamps compact size makes getting into camping spots and storage spots much easier.

Convenience: Once parked the Scamp is easy to set up. There are no tent poles or exhaustive leveling systems and the appliances are easy to use.

Strength: Because Scamp is a hard shell fiberglass trailer it can be used in all those areas where tents or tent trailers should not be used because of bear or other wildlife problems. Since it isn’t canvas it will be more secure in any application.

Dependability: Scamp is one of the most dependable trailers on the market. Scamp trailers originally built in the early 1970’s are still being used today. Our parts department can supply what you need to maintain your Scamp in perfect condition.

Purpose: You decide what your camping and traveling needs are, then choose which options you want. There are many optional items to choose from including appliances, layouts, extra lights. Any of the sales staff can help you get your trailer with the items you need.

Adaptability: Scamp has great insulation which helps keep the heat in or the cold out. Many owners use the Scamp for fall and spring camping when weather conditions can be cold or nasty. Using the furnace keeps the trailer warm and comfortable.

Quality: Since Scamp is built so well it’s quality stands out. This also results in strong demand for used Scamps which retain their resale value, especially because they don’t wear out. They last almost forever.

Give our Backus MN travel trailer manufacturer folks a call today to schedule a tour or discuss your needs.