I just came back from a trip to South Western Texas. This time I traveled light and unless I looked in the rear view mirror I didn't realize I was pulling the trailer. In the campgrounds people were amazed and interested in the 13 footer, some comments: "it looks like an egg," "it's beautiful," "where did you get it," "how much did it cost" and so forth... I got caught in a terrific rain storm coming home and car and trailer handled super. I was surprised that not a drop of rain entered the trailer.

The insulation is very protective to the elements, the fabrics and carpets held up beautifully, and the more I use it the more I like it. I really can't find anything wrong. PS Keep up the good work. Alan, thanks for the brochure you sent me regarding the 16 footer. I like the model with the side bathroom. I am still considering it.

- John

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