Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos

Below are several maintenance and tips videos to help you enjoy your Scamp Trailer for many years.


Scamp Trailer Overview

See what a Scamp Trailer has to offer.



Before you Tow Your Scamp Trailer

Watch this video for a great checklist of items to check before you go. Hitching your Scamp, LP tanks are off, loose items are secured and more. Your checklist only takes a few minutes to go through.

Towing Your Scamp Trailer

Never allow people or pets to travel inside your Scamp trailer when traveling down the road. Do not exceed posted speed limits and remember that most states have different speed limits for trailer. Take extra precautions when traveling on wet or snowy surfaces or with high winds.

Electrical Connection

Electical Connection to operate all trailer lights and trailer brakes. Wire harness color coding.


Outside trailer lights: Marker Lights and Rear Lights. Replacement and troubleshoot instructions and light specs.

Tires & Bearings

Changing tire on trailer. Please never use the rear bumper jacks when changing a tire. Initial bearing check (200 miles) and lubing bearings.

Exterior Shell

Your Scamp Trailer exterior has a jell coat finish and can be maintained with a boat wax. Keep your home away from home looking great for many years.

What to Do with a Small Leak?

There are several items that can cause a small leak, from fittings to pumps to toilets or showers. Check your owners manual for full details to easily fix these.

Water & Power

Locate all the water tanks in your Scamp Trailer. Some of the Scamp models are equiped with a city water connection. Sewer drain hose comes with your trailer to make draining black and grey water tanks easy and simple. Hook up your trailer to a 30 amp powersupply at the campground if possible. For a 15 amp connection, use the adaptor.


How to replace all interior lights of you trailer home.

LP Tank and Battery

Your Scamp trailer’s appliances run on LP gas, or electricity. Instructions for replacing or refilling your 20 lb propane tanks.

Water Systems

Scamp trailers either have a hand pump or demand pump for the water. If your trailer is equiped with a shower or toilet, you will have a demand pump. Make sure you always turn the pump off when traveling or storing your trailer. Instructions for filling and heating your hot water tank using either electricity or LP gas.

Beds & Bunks

Set up of the bunk bed or rear two-person bed. When traveling bunk and table should always be lowered.

Electrical Systems

Your Scamp trailer has both a 120 V and 12 V system. If possible use a 30 Amp connection at the campground. A 15 Amp connection can be made as well, make sure you use the supplied adaptor.

Heating & Cooling

Your furnace has no pilot light. If your furnace does not light, chances are there is air in the lines. An easy way to remove it is to simply turn on and light one of the burners on your stove.

SO 05 Refrigerator

Your Scamp trailer has either a 1.9 or 4.6 cubic feet refrigerator or an ice box. When using LP (propane) for the refrigerator remember to turn the gas OFF when traveling.

Cooking with LP Gas

Your Scamp trailer has either a 2 or 3 burner stove and some of our models even have an oven. For the oven to work, you must light to pilot light.

Choosing a Camping Spot

Make sure you have a level spot and are able to get to all access panels of your Scamp. Always carry several 2 by 6 pieces of wood, about 12 inches long to place under the jack feet of your trailer. Look for shade if desired and watch out for areas where water can pool.


For safe winter storage, drain all water lines, add trailer anti freeze, remove battery, close all windows, doors and vents, close all gas lines.