Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos

Scamp Trailer Overview

See what a Scamp Trailer has to offer.

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Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery Voltmeter

Operating Your Air Conditioner

Operating Your Refrigerator | 2.0 Dometic CRX65

Operating Your Refrigerator | 3.0 Dometic RM2354

Operating Your Refrigerator | 3.7 Dometic RM8501

Operating Your Refrigerator | 6.0 Dometic RMD10.5XT


Fresh Water System

Starting Your Water Heater

Water Heater Bypass Levers


How to Light Your Cooktop

Scamp Trailers 101

De-Winterization of Your Trailer

Converting Dinette to Bed

Hooking Up Your Trailer

Operate Your Anti-Sway Control Arm

Operate Your Awning

Operate Your Antenna