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Surround yourself with Oak or Birch Hardwoods. Custom outfit your Scamp 16" with a deluxe hardwood interior featuring additional floor plans. Need more space? Take a look at the Scamp 16' featuring more counter and storage space, easy set up and two bathroom and shower options. The Scamp 16' is three feet longer than the Scamp 13' and full of possibilities.

Don't want to set up the table every morning? You don't have to anymore. The side dinette allows room to sleep and eat without changing a thing. This model can also be equipped with a bath and is now available with rooftop AC. The side bathroom allows the trailer to sleep four people, while the larger front bathroom replaces the sofa/bunk bed. This Scamp is a comfortable place to spend a couple of days or a couple of weeks.



icon 16ftScamp 16' Deluxe Floor Plans

The Scamp 16' three feet longer than the Scamp 13' and full of possibilities. (click on floor plans for larger view)

floor plan 16ft Deluxe layoutLayout A
floor plan 16ft Deluxe layoutLayout B

Additional Floor Plans: Click here to view Standard Interior floor plans.