Following are links to Owner's Manuals for Scamp Trailers, Appliances and other miscellaneous items. All manuals are presented as links to PDF documents. Click on the image to the right to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Scamp Owner's Manual: Warranty & General Information, Appliances, Running Gear, Service & Maintenance, Winterizing, Towing Instructions, Systems, Setup, Troubleshooting, Connections, Diagrams 

Scamp Videos:

Winterizing Your Scamp Trailer - Part 1

Winterizing Your Scamp Trailer - Part 1
Winterizing Your Scamp Trailer - Part 2
Scamp Trailer Maintenance
How to Setup Beds and Bunks In Your Scamp Trailer

Scamp Trailer Heating and Cooling Systems
Scamp Trailer Refrigerator Information
Cooking With LP Gas In Your Scamp Trailer
Scamp Trailer Water Systems, Pumps & Water Heaters

Electrical Trailer Connector & Wire Harness - Scamp Trailers.
Replace Scamp Trailer Lamps & Lights.
Scamp Trailer Spare Tires, Lugs & Bearings
Wash & Wax The Exterior Shell of Your Scamp Trailer

How To Setup A Scamp Trailer Awning
Fix Water Leaks on Your Scamp Trailer
Fill/Empty Your Water Tanks and Connect The Power - Scamp Trailers
LP Gas Tank and Battery Info - Scamp Trailers

Towing Checklist - Scamp Trailers
Towing Your Scamp Trailer on the Highway
Choosing A Camping Spot, Leveling & Camping Setup - Scamp Trailers



Dometic Refrigerator Recall - Two Door Models Manufactured between 1997 and 2006

RECALL 06E-076 • RECALL 08E-032

Scamp Trailers has been notified by Dometic that some time in 2004 or 2005 we may have installed two refrigerators being recalled by Dometic. The two refrigerators would be model number RM2652R. These refrigerators would only have been installed in Scamp 19 ft deluxe fifth wheel trailers. If you have one of these two units please notify Scamp Trailers and use the Dometic Refrigerator Recall web site to receive information on where to have the refrigerator repaired. The repairs cannot be made at Scamp to the refrigerators being recalled.

Dometic Refrigerator Model RM2191 & RM2193 - Installation & Operating Instructions
Dometic Refrigerator Model RM2193 - Parts List
Dometic Refrigerator Model RM2201 - Parts List
Dometic Refrigerator Model RM2202 - Parts List
Dometic Refrigerator Model RM2410 - Parts List
Dometic Refrigerator Model RM2620 - Parts List


Suburban Cooktop Model SDN2 & SDN3 - Installation, Operation and Service Manual


Manual to be added soon...


Surburban Furnace Model NT-16SE & NT-20SE - User's Information Manual

Air Conditioners:

R9201D Polar Cub Series Air Conditioner - Data Inquiry Sheet
RVP (Coleman) Data Sheets, Operations & Maintenance Instructions & other documents


Dometic SaniPottie 9600 series - Owner's Manual
Dometic SeaLand 711-M28 Toilet - Owner's Manual


Dometic/A&E Catalina 2500 - Installation & Operating Instructions
Dometic/A&E Catalina 2500 - Parts List

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